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Features at a Glance

Fast Billing

Fast Billing

Easy Operation

easy to Operate

Table Wise Order

Table Wise Order Billing System

Change Menu

You could doing any add and remove Menu


You could have your rates added

Daily Report

You could have see your Daily Reports

Seprate GST

if customer have want include gst bill and not include gst bill.This two facilty is avilable to Software

Excel Report

You could have any Reports export to Excel Formate

Menu Wise Sale

You could have see the How many sale for manu wise

KOT Billing

It Use for Customer Order in Hotel Kitchen

KOT Report

This Report Present to how many have goes to KOT Bill

Profit and Loss Statement

If you could have want to see the profit and loss Statement days, week month and year wise. Its facility to available

Expenses Report

Expenses Report faciliy is avilable to software

Auto SMS

Autoamtice Send SMS to Owner the how many entrys in your Resteurant